Are you worried about your tech stack melting down your business?

I help entrepreneurs spending too much time on tech-wrangling stop wasting time and achieve next-level revenue.

Every successful entrepreneur knows that running your business requires that you stitch multiple technology platforms together. If you are like most entrepreneurs, you already know that there is no silver-bullet - as you grow the burden is on your team to make sense of all these different solutions.

The problem is that buying more tech doesn't actually solve all your problems. Many entrepreneurs find that their revenue is flat, but their workload is up because training staff takes too long, reports that used to easy to find now take days of gathering, you don't know where your documents are, and every once in a while your business grinds to a halt because one of the experts on your team is out sick or takes a vacation. How many broken funnels, missing reports, forgotten tags, mis-labeled audiences do you need to see before you take action?

When you declutter your tech stack, optimize your process and procedures, and upgrade your marketing to have a real-time dashboard, you can unlock the true potential of your business so that you can have the greatest impact on your customers while keeping your freedom and sanity.

What built your current business isn't enough to get to to the next level.

You probably already know that what got you to this point in your business is not a viable strategy for the next level. If you have got the feeling that you are spending more time wrangling tech instead of staying in your zone of genius, it is probably because you are - for your business to grow, change is a necessary part of the process. The good news is that thousands of entrepreneurs and companies have gotten past this hurdle. If only you knew a tech nerd that was available to give you some great advice, someone who has been there done that...

I was born to help solve this problem!

My name is Karim Nassar. I believe that the people most likely to change the world have better things to do than wrangle their technology that is supposed to be helping them.

I am a problem solver at heart and have a burning passion to apply technology to real-world problems. I have founded 3 companies and worked at 8 tech startups. I have seen it ALL: more than once I have seen new companies crash and burn at the slightest market challenge, get hung up seeking market fit, or building over-complicated tech into a hair ball that slows business growth down to the point of disaster. On the flip side, I have helped build teams that grew into billion-dollar companies, some with public exits. I have built teams and systems responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue managed real-time, 24x7.

My mission is to bring the tools that successful companies use to the entrepreneurs with growing 7-figure businesses. You don't have to work with me, but if you don't find someone who has seen the good, bad and ugly, and knows the difference, it can mean not only are you and your team wasting your time, but you will almost certainly make mistakes that cost thousands of dollars and stagnate or drop your revenue.

Your Calibration Blueprint

It can be daunting to figure it all out on your own, but you don't have to. Your Calibration Blueprint has three pillars of success.

Measurable Marketing

The fastest growing companies use automated analytics with billions of data points to slice and dice the data to grow their business. Now these tools are available for smaller businesses - if you know how to use them. Imagine your morning at a “coffee dashboard” that shows you, at a glance, how your business is running TODAY. To grow your business, you have to review, predict, optimize, repeat.

Optimized & Documented Process

Often in the “heat of battle” entrepreneurs throw spaghetti against the wall doing whatever it takes to get by. Then, when hiring their team it takes forever to train them to actually save you time. Right from the start we can help you to create a lightweight process and standard operating procedures that allow you to get on with building your business, and hire assistants to do the back-office work. Building a team and hiring out become easy when you have all of your workflows ready for hand off.

Decluttered & Automated Tech Stack

So many times entrepreneurs and their teams optimize something that shouldn't even be there.

Even worse, they are often surprised when things like funnels, links, email sequences, and carts break.

The solution is to declutter your tech and add automated monitoring, and when you do, you will rest easy knowing that your business is running smoothly.

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